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Can we trend #supportGACKT? :D 

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"I – Camui GACKT until now I did not and from now I will not do anything to make you feel shame when you say you’re my fan.
GACKT, 15.05.2013."  -

Reported by Miyuki Anh (Thank you Miyuki for your report ♥)

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I really wish I could hug Gackt really tight right now. He has my 100% support and love! 


If a Japanese tabloid published an article about how Gackt is actually Space Hitler and almost exterminated an alien race, the average aramatheydidnt reader would believe it without a second thought.


✖*✖✖✖: Guilty until proven innocent 


Just because Gackt didn’t respond in a “politically correct” manner to the charges being flung at him, that does not automatically make him guilty of said charges.

As bad as it is to slut-shame/victim-blame in such cases, it is no different to accuse a (possibly innocent) man of doing something…

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There is no Ms. A 



Okay stupid aramtheydidnt comments and Gackt fantarding (stop saying “Why would he rape someone if he has thousands of willing fangirls?!” that’s not how rape works, STOP) aside, let’s talk about this for a second

If this happened in September 2011 and this supposed Ms. A was RAPED (assuming this person even exists), why not go to the police THEN and get a DNA test instead of waiting two years?

I realize the Japanese police system works differently from the U.S. but I find it difficult to believe a first world country doesn’t have something akin to rape kits and DNA testing for rape victims.

Given how Japanese police crack down on musicians for drugs, even famous, well-loved musicians, if there was an actual police report filed for RAPE, why hasn’t Gackt been taken in for questioning or outright arrested?

Again, not an expert on Japanese law but I think it’s safe to guess rape is considered a more serious crime than drug possession and yet we have seen that result in jail time and dead careers — and not just to small-time indie bands either (hello Sakura and L’Arc~en~Ciel — all of their events were canceled, all of their merch removed from shelves, and they were shipped off to England for a sabbatical and then not allowed to perform live shows under their own name; they were almost disbanded).

I have often pondered there being a shred of truth in past sex scandals involving jilted groupies (“オレンジジュスください”  “He never texted me again!”) but nothing about this seems REMOTELY factual and I’m floored that so many people are buying into it or giving it any credence whatsoever.

Edit: The actual article makes this look even MORE absurd and unbelievable.


“Ms. A’s” bruised eye looks like someone used the basic brush tool in Photoshop.

Also what is a tabloid doing with evidence from a violent crime?